Thursday, 4 February 2010

~ I am ~ ♥ ~

I am the river, and the river is me,
I sparkle and I swim as far as I can,
until the river curves and flows onward to the sea.
I wander along the riverbank,
I think its thoughts and I weep its tears.

I am the sun, and the sun is me,
so I bathe in it's warmth and light as far as I can,
until the sun sets beyond the horizon.
I wander in the shade,
I think it's thoughts and I shine its warmth.

I am the mountain, and the mountain is me,
so I ramble and climb as far as I can,
until the lofty peaks are steep and rugged.
I wander, and I wonder at it's majesty,
I think it's thoughts and I am strong.

I am the tree, and the tree is me,
so I grow and I flourish as far as I can,
I wonder at it's usefulness,
it's strength and beauty,
I think it's thoughts and give shelter and food.

it is only when the river, and the sun,
the mountain and the tree are one with us,
that we can have any hope for a future.

so every day remember to bring them to your heart,
and to send your heart to them,
even though, and especially because,
they are damaged and crying.

from understanding come love and compassion,
and from these come all hope.
day by day, spirit by spirit, hope by hope,
we change our world to one of peace.

~ ♥ ~ namaste ~ ♥ ~

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