Saturday, 21 April 2012

~ apples and dreams ~ ♥ ~

~ while eating an apple I realized I was holding life in my hand
~ I had an apple tree in the palm of my hand
~ a tiny seed with the potential to be a beautiful tree
~ a tree that would produce thousands of apples
~ over many years
~ thouands of apples
~ each with many seeds
~ each capable of growing a new apple tree

~ obviously only a few of these seeds grow
~ most don't

~ I then started thinking it's the same with dreams
~ ideas and daydreams come to our minds
~ but they die too soon
~ we don't cultivate them
~ we don't protect them as we should
~ then one day we wonder what happened to our dreams
~ why did they never come to anything ?

~ I looked at the apple seed
~ I marvelled at it's shape and shine
~ a tiny miracle of nature

~ I wondered how much work went into growing apples
~ is it difficult to get a seed to germinate ?
~ how much work was required ?

~ it may be the same with our dreams
~ the seeds of our dreams do not grow without help
~ like planting an apple tree it may take a few tries

~ but if we keep on sowing the seeds of our dreams
~ one day they may come to fruition

~ I looked the apple seed again
~ but instead of throwing it away
~ I took an empty pot, put in some earth
~ and planted the seed
~ maybe one day it will grow into a beautiful tree
~ it may not . . . but
~ I won't know if I don't try

~ we won't know if we don't try ~ ♥ ~

~ namaste ~ ♥ ~

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