Friday, 4 May 2012

~ in praise of water ~ ♥ ~

~ we cannot live without water
~ water is the lifeblood of our beautiful earth
~ our bodies cannot be sustained without the gift of water
~ we should not take it for granted

~ water also shares with us the lesson of patience
~ it takes thousands of years to wear away rock
~ make sand
~ transform land mass
~ create valleys and caves

~ we know its power in many forms
~ waterfalls and streams
~ mists and rain
~ rivers and oceans
~ it can be a tsunami and wreak immediate destruction

~ just as fire can be a candle's flame to light our way
~ or destroy a forest when not contained

~ we should give thanks for water
~ whenever we drink or bathe

~ water quenches our thirst and cleanses our skin
~ it is our life-giving element

~ with one heart let us pause in praise of water ~ ♥ ~

~ namaste ~ ♥ ~

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