Friday, 15 June 2012

~ advice from a tree ~ ♥ ~

~ advice from a tree.......
~ stand tall and proud
~ go out on a limb
~ remember your roots
~ drink plenty of water
~ be content with your natural beauty
~ enjoy the view ~ ♥ ~

~ take a moment to admire a tree
~ it has strong roots deep in the earth
~ a sturdy trunk
~ branches with leaves that freely move with the wind
~ the roots soak up rain water
~ the leaves soak up the sunshine
~ absorbing nutrients throughout it's structure
~ a tree stands firm in the face of storms
~ protects itself from cold
~ sheds its leaves and has new growth

~ we are similar to a tree
~ we can draw up from the earth to replenish our energy
~ we can also draw energy from the air and sun
~ just like a tree being nourished
~ our roots become strong and our branches become light
~ this cycle of energy refreshes our bodies and clears our minds

~ take a deep breath
~ open your arms and heart wide
~ and be a tree ~ ♥ ~

~ namaste ~ ♥ ~

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