Friday, 21 September 2012

~ international day of peace ~ ♥ ~

~ today is International Day of Peace
~ what does it mean to you ?

~ in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives
~ not many of us take the time to think about peace
~ yet it is something we all wish for in our lives

~ the 21st september each year
~ is the one day that we can all just stop and realise.......
~ there are people and nations working towards peace

~ so what can we do ?
~ we can start with ourselves
~ allow this day to be your peace day
~ give yourself permission to step off your normal path
~ and allow peace to be your path for today

~ take the time to think peace
~ peace and love
~ peace and gratitude
~ peace and appreciation

~ for some this will be a struggle
~ but try for just a few minutes.......
~ an hour.......
~ a morning or afternoon.......
~ then a full day.......
~ and eventually every day
~ until you have a lifetime of days of peaceful thoughts
~ it gives you a sense of peace.......
~ awareness.......
~ and freedom
~ if you don’t try ~ you won’t know ~ ♥ ~

~ may we all wish each other peace
~ in all the many forms it can take
~ and know that we can make a difference ~ ♥ ~

~ may I stay forever in a place of peace
~ the perfect space between in breath and out
~ a timeless moment before awareness of needs ~ ♥ ~

~ namaste ~ ♥ ~

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